Carrbridge Hotel

Originally Established in 1803 as an Inn for weary travellers, the Watt Family have owned and managed the Carrbridge Hotel over the last three decades.  

In that time, the hotel has been extensively refurbished and extended to provide modern accommodation facilities whilst retaining the hotels character.

The Carrbridge Hotel is situated inside the Northern Entrance to the Cairngorm National Park, 23miles south of the Highland Capital Inverness and 7 miles North of Aviemore, just off the A9 corridor.


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    One of the most iconic visitor attractions in the Cairngorms, the old packhorse bridge across the River Dulnain at Carrbridge was built in 1717. The bridge was built to allow funeral processions to access Duthil Church when the river was in spate. Because of this, the bridge was known locally as 'the coffin bridge'.

    The bridge was funded by Brigadier-General Alexander Grant of Grant, who paid 100 pounds to mason John Niccelsone (Nicholson) to create what is the oldest known stone bridge in the Highlands.